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* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]

= [ CARMA] =

* [[Miriad]] (installation, cookbook etc.)
* [[EDGE]] the Extragalactic Database for Galaxy Evolution survey
* [[ADMIT]] ALMA Data Mining Toolkit
* [[PACS]]   (Paired Antenna Calibration System)
* [[CCC]] Carma CASA Club / CASA Carma Club / Club de Carma CASA, with [[CASAtips]]
* [[ILMA2010]]  LMA internships
* [[NGC1333]]  NGC 1333 Wide field mapping project
* [[EGNoG]] The Evolution of molecular Gas in Normal Galaxies (EGNoG)
* [[CLASSy]] CARMA Large Area Star-formation Survey (CLASSy)
* [[TADPOL]] Telescope Array Doing POLarization (TADPOL)
* [[GCSurvey]] Galactic Center continuum and spectral line survey
* [[PipeLines]]  The various CARMA related pipelines (drPacs, MIS, EGN)
* [[Scripts]] MIRIAD Interferometry Singledish (MIS) pipeline
* [[ADMIT]] ALMA Data Mining Toolkit
* [[Wisdom: CARMA/Miriad/Data Processing]]  Collection of wisdom that someone finds useful
* [[Other Development]]
* Other wiki's at CARMA:  [] and []

== CARMA Summer School ==

* [[School2014]] CARMA Summer School 2014 (week of Aug 3, 2014)
* [[School2013]] CARMA Summer School 2013
* [[School2012]] CARMA Summer School 2012
* [[School2011]] CARMA Summer School 2011
* [[School2010]] CARMA Summer School 2010
* [[School2009]] CARMA Summer School 2009
* [[School2008]] CARMA Summer School 2008
* [[School2007]] CARMA Summer School 2007

== Other ASTRO computing ==

* [ UMD Astronomy Computing Wiki]
* [[Glue]] a description of items for GLUE-ifying astronomy computers
* [[Memorable Moments]] in using computers here.....</rev>