BIMA Web Pages New Look

Oct 19, 1998

I have been working on updating the BIMA web pages, discarding or updating out-of-date material, changing the overall look, redesigning the content of old pages and writing new pages.

Some of the completely new stuff:

  • Array status page with links to all programs to get current observing information over the web
  • A new proposal information page
  • "How to prepare for your observations, get your data, reduce your data"
  • Observer's Information Kit, including "Observer's responsibilities at Hat Creek"
  • Driving directions to the observatory (complete with maps of every turn!)
  • Hat Creek staff photo page.
  • Redirection of request errors (e.g. Error 404, Error 500) to a standard page.
  • Pages hosted at have now have a consistent look and style with common fonts, colors and menu bar at the bottom. (Make sure you have "Use Document Fonts" specified in your browser's preferences. I also suggest to turn off link underlining, but preferences are just that.) I have also updated some of the pages hosted by Eventually, the pages hosted by will have the same style, but I will wait for the domain name changeover to update those.

    Note: I am still not happy with the tired look of the front page and expect to change it.

    In the process of this upgrade, I have removed alot of chaff from the web tree. If there is something missing that you think should be there, let me know. Since I have rearranged many pages, you will undoubtedly have to update your bookmarks. That is the price of progress.

    I welcome comments and suggestions on any aspect of the BIMA pages.

    Marc Pound

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