BIMA Internet Domain Name to Change

The domain name of the Hat Creek computers has changed. The new domain is ASTRO.UIUC.EDU

The computers at Hat Creek haved moved to the University of Illinois network domain, i.e., will have their network names changed from to For now, the web server responds to both and If it is possible to permanently keep both server names usable, we may do so. The computers affected are

Old Name New Name

The domain of e-mail addresses of users on these machines are similarly changed.

The following is a redacted (to use the en vogue term) e-mail from Dick Crutcher describing the changeover:

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 12:22:44 -0500

For the past few years the T1 line between Berkeley and Hat Creek has been paid by an NSF Advanced Scientific Computing grant That grant officially expired 30 Sept 1998, but has been extended until the new node becomes operational.

As part of the renewal of the NCSA NSF support, it was arranged a subcontract from the Illinois NCSA NSF grant to NRAO for joint support of AIPS++ development. Part of those funds will be used to put NCSA and Hat Creek on the NRAO intranet, with a direct connection between Hat Creek and Illinois (and between Illinois and Socorro). The network speed on both links will be a guaranteed minimum of 512 kb/s, with a peak of 1024 kb/s (the node at Illinois will handle a peak of 1024 kb/s; if Socorro and Hat Creek need bandwidth simultaneously, each will get half the total; otherwise, one site can get the full bandwidth). This compares with the present peak of 1536 kb/s on the T1 line between Hat Creek and Berkeley, with a guaranteed minimum of 0 from Berkeley to the rest of the world over the Internet. The result will be a significant improvement for data transfer between Hat Creek and Illinois, probably no change for internet traffic between Maryland and Hat Creek, and probably a mild decrease in performance between Berkeley and Hat Creek (since traffic will have to come first to Illinois over the public Internet).

The node at Illinois has been installed, and traffic is beginning between Illinois and Socorro. The node at Hat Creek was scheduled to have been installed by now, but has been delayed because of a labor dispute at USWest.

The plan is that the computers at Hat Creek will move to the University of Illinois network domain, i.e., will have their network names changed from to It is technically straightforward to have the University of Illinois provide internet service to Hat Creek. As soon as possible, the UIUC internet addresses will be assigned to Hat Creek and Wilson Hoffman can proceed with the timely changeover.

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