Rules When Using RAL Vehicles

The Radio Astronomy Laboratory at Berkeley maintains two jeeps for the convenience of BIMA observers traveling between Berkeley and Hat Creek. If you are scheduled as an observer, you may reserve a jeep by sending e-mail to Sam Maxie or call him at (510) 642-5275   Do this well in advance  (2 weeks or more) of your arrival in Berkeley. If you do not reserve a Jeep, there will not be one for you.   Please keep in mind that we are not Avis, we are not Hertz, we are a public educational institution, and University owned vehicles are subject to conditions of use. Let's go to the fine print first:

  • Authorized operators of University vehicles shall be limited to UC employees or to other persons on official University business who are approved by appropriate officials of the University [i.e., RAL - HCRO Management]. NOTE: Vacations, touring, site-seeing and off-roading are NOT authorized UC business, and the jeeps may NOT be used for these purposes. Use of RAL vehicles is governed by UC-Business & Finance Bulletin No. BUS-46.
  • Unauthorized use, or misuse of an RAL vehicle may result in any or all of the following:
    • operator not covered under UC insurance program
    • UC obtaining reimbursement from operator for costs incurred through misuse
    • permanent withdrawal of use authorization.
  • Vehicle drivers must hold a valid driver's license in order to operate the jeeps.
  • Use of seatbelts is required by California law.
  • Check engine oil and water before you depart; if you're unfamiliar with this procedure, the HCRO mechanic -or- a full service station attendant can do this for you. If you would like this service performed at Hat Creek, let Susie Jorgensen know a day or so before you leave.
  • Do not use or engage the four wheel drive while on dry pavement! We recommend that the vehicle be stopped prior to engaging the four wheel drive.
  • Please, no smoking in vehicles.
  • Cargo: please fold down rear passenger seat prior to loading cargo; remember to secure your load.
  • Operator is responsible for cleaning up vehicle after use; remove trash and debris, etc.
  • Immediately report any and all problems, malfunctions, or necessary repairs directly to RAL at the following:
    Hat Creek: Susie Jorgensen (530) 335-2364
    Berkeley: Same Maxie (510) 642-5275

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