BIMA Observing Proposal Information

Observing proposals for the array are due typically in January, July, and September of each year. Usually you can request all available array configurations in a single proposal (if your science requires it). The Executive Board decides what frequencies ranges and arrays will be offered in each proposal period.

Proposals are reviewed and graded by five referees. Three referees are from institutions in the BIMA consortium, two are outside. The average grade is used to determine if your proposal will get scheduled. After your proposal has been reviewed, you are sent a referee's report by e-mail.

Proposals should be submitted electronically; we will grudgingly accept paper copy only in extreme circumstances. In either case, you MUST prepare your proposal with the LaTeX proposal cover sheet and style file. FAX proposals will not be accepted.

For more details, see the most recent call for proposals and the full proposal submission procedure.

To aid you in preparation of your proposal, we suggest the following: