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In the following session example, the user responses are in boldface :
    %  cat p3.bod 
    %  tipsy 
    welcome, master, your every wish is my command:
    yes, Peter:  openascii p3.bod                
    yes, Peter:  readascii p3.bin                
    read time 0.000000
    read time 1.000000
    read time 2.000000
    yes, Peter: 
    yes, Peter:  quit 
    I will miss you, master

Since tipsy uses the GNU readline as command interface, a session example is saved in a local file .tipsy_history Zoom and rotate are implemented a little differently in TIPSY. If you use the 3 rotation buttons in the lower right corner, the zoom factor will always we reset to 1. Another way to "zoom and rotate" is by using "setbox" or "makebox" to create a smaller box.