SETSPHERE(1)             TIPSY COMMANDS               SETSPHERE(1)

     setsphere - make and load a spherical "box" from the command

     setsphere box xcenter ycenter zcenter radius

     setsphere is used to define the boundaries  of  box  through
     the  command  line.  The requested box must be between 1 and
     MAXBOX or an error will be generated.  The value  of  MAXBOX
     can  be  found  by  using the version command.  The box is a
     sphere  of  radius  radius  centered  on   the   coordinates
     (xcenter, ycenter, zcenter).

     Once a box is made and loaded it still isn't the active  box
     for  plotting  until the activatebox command is used.  Boxes
     are removed using the unload command.

     Boxes with numbers greater than box 0 cannot be  made  until
     box  0  is  loaded.  Boxes can also be made and loaded using
     the makebox and setbox commands.  Box 0 can also be made and
     loaded using the loadall command.

      activatebox(1),     loadall(1),     makebox(1),      setbox(1),
      unload(1),  version(1)

     The volume of the box is not done correctly in commands such
     as  boxstat  and  the  box  is  not  plotted  correctly when
     showboxes is yes if the box is spherical.

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