REDSHIFT(1)              TIPSY COMMANDS                REDSHIFT(1)

     redshift - set the redshift and coordinate system

     redshift z coordinates hubble-constant omega boundary period

     redshift sets the value of the redshift to z for use in com-
     mands  such as vista. coordinates tells TIPSY if the simula-
     tion used comoving or physical coordinates.  If  coordinates
     is  "physical"  or  "p" this means physical coordinates were
     used and if coordinates is  "comoving"  or  "c"  this  means
     comoving coodinates were used.  hubble-constant is the value
     of the hubble constant in km/sec/Mpc.  boundary concerns the
     boundary  conditions.  If boundary is "vacuum" or "v" vacuum
     boundary conditions are used and period is ingored. If boun-
     dary  is "periodic" or "p" then periodic boundary conditions
     are used with a period period.

      coolconstants(1),  formconstants(1),   gravsoft(1),  gravsoft-
      gas(1),  lumconstants(1),  viscconstants(1),  vista(1)

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