READVECTOR(1)            TIPSY COMMANDS              READVECTOR(1)

     readvector - read a vector

     readvector filename

     readvector reads in a three dimensional vector for each par-
     ticle  from  the  file  filename  for  use  by commands like
     viewmag and viewrad. Using the showvec  command  the  vector
     field can be displayed in plots.

     The file filename must be an ascii file.  The file should be
     of the form:


          x_vector(i), i = 1 to ntotal

          y_vector(i), i = 1 to ntotal

          z_vector(i), i = 1 to ntotal

     where ntotal is the total number of  particles.   Therefore,
     the total file length is 3*ntotal+1 lines.

     The readarray command is used to read in scalars.

     readarray    (1), showvec (1), viewmag (1), viewrad  (1)

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