READOLDBIN(1)            TIPSY COMMANDS              READOLDBIN(1)

     readoldbin - read an old format binary file

     readoldbin filename

     readoldbin reads an old, version 1 format binary  file  from
     the  currently  open  binary  file  and writes out a current
     binary format file into the file filename. After the  binary
     file is written the orginally open binary file is closed and
     the binary file filename is opened.  Binary files  are  nor-
     mally  created  using  either  the  readascii command or the
     ascii2binary program.

     After the binary file is made a specific time must still  be
     loaded using the loadbinary command.

     If no binary file is open an  error  is  generated.   Binary
     files  can  be  opened using the openbinary command.  Binary
     files can be closed using the closebinary command.

      closebinary(1)  loadbinary(1),  openbinary(1),  readascii(1)

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