READMACRO(1)             TIPSY COMMANDS               READMACRO(1)

     readmacro - read a macro file

     readmacro macro-filename


     readmacro reads macro's from the  file  macro-filename.  The
     file  macro-filename  can contain many different macro's.  A
     macro is a sequential list of tipsy commands.  In  the  file
     macro-filename  each  macro  must  have as it first line the
     name of the macro and as its last line "end".   If  a  macro
     with  that  name  already  exists it is deleted when the new
     macro is read.  In the file put one command per line.   Many
     different  macro's can be in the one file macro-filename one
     after the other.

     Macro's can be executed using the  macro  command.   Macro's
     can be created interactively using the makemacro command and
     can be written to  a  file  using  the  writemacro  command.
     Macro's can be deleted using the deletemacro command.

      delete macro(1), macro(1),  makemacro(1),  writemacro(1)

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