MARKBOX(1)               TIPSY COMMANDS                 MARKBOX(1)

     markbox - mark the particles in a box

     markbox box-number


     markbox marks the particles in box box-number. Marked parti-
     cles  appear  green in plots.  Particles in a particular box
     can be unmarked using the  unmarkbox  command  and  all  the
     marked  particles  can  be unmarked using the unmarkall com-
     mand.  Particles remain marked even when a new time frame is
     loaded  but  after  a new time frame is loaded any particles
     that were marked in the previous  time  frame  can  only  be
     unmarked using the unmarkall command.

     Particles can also be marked using the markarray and markgal
     commands.   Statistics  about marked particles can be deter-
     mined using the markstat command. Marked  particles  can  be
     written to a file using the writemark command or read from a
     file using the readmark command.

     If the box box-number is not loaded an error is generated.

      markarray(1),  markgal(1),  markstat(1),   readmark(1),  unmar-
      kall(1),  unmarkbox(1),  writemark(1)

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