MAKEMACRO(1)             TIPSY COMMANDS               MAKEMACRO(1)

     makemacro - make a macro interactively

     makemacro macro-name


     makemacro allows one to interactively define  a  macro  with
     the name macro-name. Once the command is entered the user is
     prompted to enter a sequence of tipsy commands.   Each  com-
     mand is followed by <return>.  When the sequence of commands
     for the macro macro-name is completed, type "end <return>".

     If the macro macro-name already  exists  an  error  is  gen-
     erated.   To delete a macro use the deletemacro command.  To
     use a macro use the macro command. Macro's can also be  read
     in  from  a file.  To read in a file of macros use the read-
     macro command.  To write a macro to a file  use  the  write-
     macro command.

      delete macro(1) macro(1)  writemacro(1)

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