MACRO(1)                 TIPSY COMMANDS                   MACRO(1)

     macro - execute a tipsy macro

     macro macro-name

     macro executes a the tipsy macro macro-name. Macro's  are  a
     series  of  tipsy  commands  that are executed with just one
     tipsy command, the  macro  command.   Macro's  can  be  made
     interactively  using the makemacro command or can be read in
     from a file using the readmacro command.   A  macro  can  be
     deleted using the deletemacro command.  Macro's can be writ-
     ten to a file using the writemacro  command.   If  no  macro
     with the name macro-name exists an error is generated.

      deletemacro(1),  makemacro(1),  readmacro(1),  writemacro(1)

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