Re: Barnes-Hut treecode (was Re: Galaxy Interaction Simulations)

Wayne Hayes (
8 Mar 94 20:44:38 GMT (Andy Boden) writes:
> 3) How do folks visualize the output of these simulations (I'm
>X-windows based, so I guess the question should be read with this in
>mind). In this case I think I can solve this problem with tools I
>already know about. But again it's stupid to screw around with
>something that's not quite right if the "right tool for the job" is
>sitting out there somewhere on an ftp site.

I just use a little X-library that I have for doing very simple graphics
under X -- it draws and erases dots, lines, and boxes. That's enough for
simple scientific visualization. I'll send you a copy, and if anyone
else is interested... (For instance, I got a "real-time" viewer for
a simple NlogN code working in less than an hour.)

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