NEMO's directory structure has changed in a minor way, but important enough that it will result in a broken NEMO for you, if you don't read and follow the instructions in this document.

If you are incrementally upgrading a version of NEMO that was version 3.2.0 or below, and you are using CVS, or overlaying a tar file, you will need to carefully read these instructions here in order to make your version working again. Again, this only affects you if you upgrade, not if you take a current release.

The main reason is that we removed the need for subdirectories in $NEMO/{bin,lib,obj}, and placed those files directly inside those diretories.

Normally you will have updated via the command

  cd $NEMO
  cvs -Q update 

or while attempting to use mknemo with the -u flag.
  mknemo -u some-program

You will need to to run the following commands:

  cd $NEMO
  source nemo_end
  source nemo_start

After this a lot of things can still be wrong, the easiest is to
inspect NEMORC.local and $NEMOLIB/makedefs if there are any PGPLOT
references to the old style $NEMOLIB ($NEMO/lib/$NEMOHOST). They
will have to be $NEMO/lib (or $NEMOLIB ideally).

An easy way to inspect if all/most is ok is the following:

	mknemo tsf
	mknemo tabhist
	nemoinp 1:10 | tabhist -

one likely scenario is that the compilations worked,but the PGPLOT fonts
were missing. In that case edit NEMORC.local, fix them,and source the

Here are some other suggested routes from the install procedures.

  mv NEMORC.local  NEMORC.local.old
  ./configure  --with-yapp=pgplot --with-pgplot-prefix=`pwd`/lib
  make postconfig
  source NEMORC.local

this will have created a new NEMORC.local and $NEMOLIB/makedefs

If you're still very confused, you could also try a fresh install, since
it's now a lot easier and more robust.

last mod: 11-apr-2004 PJT