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unemo - micro-NEMO environment


uNEMO is an environment which gives users access to the basic I/O library alone. A few more files are also needed, and getparam.c is replaced by getparam_fake.c, creating a libunemo.a to complete external linking.

Most notably, all aspects of the NEMO user interface have been avoided, so users can use their own main(). However, NEMO’s output routines like dprintf(), error() and warning() are still called, and can in principle be overridden by the users own names.


The include file config.h is currently located in $NEMOLIB, since it is made by the configure system. Thus uNEMO should be built after a regular NEMO has been built, although with some tweaking any config.h can probably be used.

It is possible that the ZENO library is more cleanly defined in terms of usage by clients that don’t want to use the whole NEMO or ZENO libarry.


Peter Teuben


$NEMO/src/uNEMO        directory in which uNEMO can be built

Update History

21-may-01    V1.0: created to play with Dehnen’s new YANC    PJT

Table of Contents