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ccdgoat - LV diagram diagnostics


ccdgoat [parameter=value]


ccdgoat computes various galactic LV diagram diagnostics, to investigate asymmetries.


The following parameters are recognized in any order if the keyword is also given:
Input image file - must be an LV map. The X axis must have GLON, and must be descreasing. If the galactic center is not in/near the center, the program will swap the galactic quadrants such that they are ordered 4,3,2 to 1. No default
Temperature (in map units, presumable K) to measure isotherms at for Vdiff. Default: 1.
Velocity cutoff (in map units, presumably km/s but some maps may use m/s if derived from FITS) for Ndiff table. Default: 0
Mode {goat, int, vdiff, diffmap}. Default: goat
Output dataset, required for mode=diffmap.


An example of plotting vdiff from fits file, given in m/s, but plotting at a fixed scale in km/s
    fitsccd hiplane.fits - |\
        ccdgoat - - 0 1 vdiff |\
        tabmath - - %1,%4/1000 all |\
        tabplot - 1 2 0 180 -60 60


For LV maps where the galactic center is ’in the middle’ (assumed when the centeral pixel is close to the galactic center or even when Xmin > 0 and Xmax < 0) the northern hemisphere is assumed to be in the first half of the X pixels, and the southern in the second half. They will then be swapped, but one can think of pathological cases where this should not be done.

See Also

hispectrum(1NEMO) , himap(1NEMO)


Brian Sutin/Leo Blitz (original) - Peter Teuben

Update History

31-oct-90    various old ’goat’/vdiff programs merged into ccdgoat    pjt
21-dec-95    manual page written    pjt
22-dec-95       added diffmap       pjt

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