NEMO on MacOSX -- installation comments for Mac OS 10.4.x

Upgrading (G5)

(april 2006) I upgraded from 10.3.9 to 10.4, which soon became 10.4.6 after the 4 CD-set was installed and various updates from were applied. Sadly, Xcode was not automatically updated, which confused me initially (Xcode *was* installed in 10.3 and it was also on the 4th CD). The compiler would simply not even work (e.g. i had installed the new FINK version). Hey, i'm really just a linux user, this mac stuff *just works*, right?

After Xcode was installed one has several options for gnu compilers:

  1. Apple's Xcode: in /usr/bin gcc (4.0.1) (but no fortran, so mostly useless for us)
    I found some older versions; gcc-3.3 (build 1819) and gcc3 (build 1256 based on gcc 3.1) in /usr/bin, but they seem to be leftovers from the the previous Mac OS X). See also apple's XCode GCC4 release notes
  2. HPC : in /usr/local/bin - gcc (4.2.0).
    You can also optionally install g77 3.4 (3.4.4) with this version of gcc4 instead of the default gfortran. I had an older g77 (3.5.0 20040429) in there which clearly confused some users.
  3. fink: in /sw/bin - gcc-4 (4.0.0)
  4. darwinports: in /opt/local/bin - gcc33, gcc34, gcc40, gcc41 and gcc42. e.g. gcc-dp-3.4 (3.4.5) gcc-dp-4.0 (4.0.3)
  5. I have now heard of one case where the compiler was installed manually from source, but without further details.

New Install (Intel)

coming soon.... it is known to work (Jonathan Williams' MIRIAD)


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