External reference: miriad
Known bugs

Upgrade reminders:

If you modify you local source of miriad (e.g. increase some buffer sizeas in $MIRINC/maxdim.h and/or $MIRINC/maxdimc.h) you will most likely need to do the following to get a new system:
    mirboss                  (the alias to make you a miriad boss)
    mir.install subs prog   (recompile library and programs)
    cd $MIRLIB; make slib   (rebuild the shared library)

Upcoming Release(s)

Partially a wish-list, here are some things being worked on and/or coming out in the next release:

Release 00feb10

This is now being built on Mandrake6.0, which is compatible with Redhat6.0 and SuSe 6.x. Note this binary release will *not* work with redhat5.2 without either patching your distribution or recompiling miriad.

Release 99aug02

Release 99jul26

Release 99jul14

This release works fine on redhat5.2, but does not alow development on redhat6.0 since the fortran library now requires libg2c, instead of libf2c. To run the binary release on redhat6.0, you need to have the compat* libraries installed.

Release 99apr01

Although compiled on a standard RedHat 5.2 box, it seems to work fine on Debian 2.0 and Slackware 3.6 (you need the glibc shared libs which come with sw36, so some older versions of sw won't work unless you install those). I installed the PGPLOT rpm's as available through astromake both on RH52 and SW36.
New things in this version of miriad:

- support for csh/tcsh as well as sh (bash) users.
- some "umd" additions (mir.man, mirsao, mirtng, mirlibs, mirmake) are now included
- fixed various program to now compile under linux picky g77 compiler 


- you need to have pgplot installed already. Astromake has an rpm
  that you can install for most systems (seems to work on debian,
  slackware 3.6 and of course redhat)

- some installations of redhat appear not to have symlinks from the .so file to
  the .so.N file. This will affect you if you need to recompile programs or
  want to develop programs: To fix that, do the following (as root):

  ln -s /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so.6 /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so
  ln -s /usr/lib/libpgplot.so.5 /usr/lib/libpgplot.so

  I believe this happens if you have not installed the "development"
  versions of these packages. You can also install the appropriate packages
  of course.

Last updated: 25-jan-01