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8. Bugs, Features and Limitations

Here is a list of known peculiarities, some of them bugs, others just features and others limitations, and there is always that class of things I simply have not understood how it works.

8.1 Limitations w.r.t. VirDir:

  1. cannot set an auto-motion, as we can in the dome, although one could of course load a path and move through the dataset :-) I was able to make a path (*.wf) file and load that though. Now mostly solved via the Inertia toggle under the More button from the Top Row Window.

8.2 Some notes for newcomers to VirDir

Although starting virdir is very similar to partiview,

   % parti
   % virir

the seasoned partiview user will need to relearn a few modes to get used to virdir. In particular, at AMNH starting virdir will probably cause your console screen (which is normally panel#1 on the dome) to go dark with no visible command prompt. To regain control, type the commands (blindly)


which will put virdir in fly and animation mode.

Here are some important modes, make sure you keep the mouse in the console window. It is easy to get it lost in any of the other 6 displays which are only visible on the dome.

  1. Pushing the Left and Right mouse buttons simultaneously will send the display to the HOME position.
  2. Left mouse button will toggle the Pause mode in animate/fly mode.
  3. Holding the Ctrl-button down while moving the mouse will bring your point of interest into view
  4. Holding the Alt-button down while moving the mouse will rotate around your point of interest.
  5. The 'p' key
  6. The middle mouse button toggles Head display vs. Center display.
  7. Holding the Shift-button down while moving the mouse will change the available screen-space (works like a zoom).

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