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xmtv - X-window TV screen display server.  




visual display  


XMTV is an X-window Screen server based on the Athena (Xaw) widget set. It is only available when running X-windows and it should be invoked separately before being used. To invoke, it is best to start the process in the background. Remember that the environment variable DISPLAY may be set to the name of your local machine prior to running XMTV to display it remotely.

There are several resources that may be set to customize your version of XMTV. In addition to the standard widget options, the following resources may be set (either in an .Xdefaults file or via command line overrides).

Resource file options:

  Instance Name    Class Name      Default Value
  iconGeometry     IconGeometry    NULL  (Random placement)
  XDebug           Debug           False (Turned off)
  AppDebug         Debug           False (Turned off)
  useInet          UseInet         True  (Use Internet)
  buffered         Buffered        True  (Buffer some commands)
  service          Service         NULL  (No service name)
  cursor           Cursor          NULL  (No cursor defined)
  cursorName       Cursor          crosshair
  cursorColor      CursorColor     magenta
  graphics1Color   GraphicsColor   yellow
  graphics2Color   GraphicsColor   chartreuse
  graphics3Color   GraphicsColor   plum1
  graphics4Color   GraphicsColor   black
  portNumber       PortNumber      5000

Command line options:

  Option Name      Default Value
  -icongeometry",  NULL  (Random placement)
  -iconGeometry",  NULL  (Random placement)
  -ig",            NULL  (Random placement)
  -debug",         True  (XDebug and AppDebug turned on)
  -xdebug",        True  (XDebug turned on)
  -appdebug",      True  (AppDebug turned on)
  -inet",          True  (Internet communication turned on)
  -unix",          False (Unix socket communication turned on)
  -buffer",        True  (Buffering of some commands turned on)
  -buffered",      True  (Buffering of some commands turned on)
  -nobuffer",      False (Buffering of some commands turned off)
  -service",       NULL  (No service name specified)
  -port",          NULL  (Use default Port number: 5000)

Widget tree layout (indentation represents parentage):

  Widget Class Name : Widget Instance Name
  XMtv : xmtv
      Paned : paned
          Grip : grip
          Porthole : porthole
              Simple : canvas
          Form : form
              Label : cursorMotion
              Command : A
              Command : B
              Command : C
              Command : D
              Command : +
              Command : -
              Command : Reset
              Command : Resize
              Command : Quit
              Command : Panner
                  TransientShell : panshell
                      Form : panform
                          Toggle : pan
                          Toggle : fiddle
                          Command : close
                          Panner : panner
              Command : Luts
                  TransientShell : lutmenu
                      Box : menuBox
                          Toggle : B&W
                          Toggle : Colour
                          Toggle : IRAF
                          Toggle : -B&W
                          Toggle : -Colour
                          Toggle : -IRAF
              Command : Channels
                  TransientShell : channelmenu
                      Box : menuBox
                          Toggle : 1
                          Toggle : 2




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