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smauvamp - Analyses visibiliy amplitude by plotting data on a PGPLOT device.  




uv analysis, plotting  


smauvamp - Analyses visibiliy amplitude by plotting visibility data
           with error bars for 1 standard deviation in the mean
           if averaging is invoked.


The input visibility file(s). Multiple input files and wild card card expansion are supported. No default
This is the normal linetype specification. See the help on "line" for more information. The default is all channels.
This selects which visibilities to be used. Default is all visibilities. See the Users Guide for information about how to specify uv data selection. Default is all data
Select Stokes parameter(s) or polarization(s) from:
  xx, yy, xy, yx,  i, q, u, v, 
  rr, ll, rl, lr
Default is all polarizations or Stokes parameters present
Two values (minimum match active), one for each of the x and y axes chosen from:
  time                     [time in DD HH MM SS.S format]
  dtime                    [time in decimal days format]
  amplitude, real, imag    [natural units; Jy]
  phase                    [degrees]
  uc, vc                   [u,& v, -u & -v in klambda]
  uvdistance               [sqrt(u**2+v**2)]
Defaults are axis=vc,amp (x and y axes).
Plot range in the x-direction
  If axis = uc, vc,               [kilo-lambda;   2 values]
          unless OPTIONS=NANOSEC;     then   nanoseconds]
  If axis = amplitude, real, imag [natural units; 2 values]
  If axis = phase                 [degrees;       2 values]
  If axis = time                  [dd,hh,mm,ss.s; 8 values]
  If axis = dtime                 [decimal days;  2 values]
Default is to self-scale (see also OPTIONS=XIND).
Plot range in the y-direction as for the x axis. The default is to self-scale (see also OPTIONS=YIND).
The averaging time in minutes. Averaging is reset at frequency, source, or pointing centre changes. Individual baselines and polarizations are averaged separately. If you have selected multiple channels and you also ask for time averaging, then all the selected channels are averaged together in the time interval. The vector averaging for the visibility in a time interval is done before data is binned if nbin > 0 is selected. Default is no averaging.
Number of bins in xrange for xaxis. If average > 0, the weighting in the bin statistics utilizes the rms of the variables for axis = amplitude, real, imag and phase. Default is no bin.
Task enrichment options. Minimum match is effective.
 nocal   Do not apply the gain corrections
 nopol   Do not apply the polarization leakage corrections
 nopass  Do not apply the bandpass corrections

 nofqav  By default, uvplt averages together all channels from
         a visibility record before plotting. The nofqav option
         disables this, and causes individual channels to be
 all     Plot flagged and unflagged visibilties
 flagged Plot only flagged visibilities
         The default is to plot only unflagged (good) visibilities
         ALL overrides  FLAGGED

 nanosec u and v are plotted in nano-seconds rather than k-lambda

 xind    If the x-axis is self-scaled, then unless OPTIONS=NOBASE,
         setting XIND will cause each sub-plot to have the x-axis 
         self-scaled independently.  The default is that the x-range
         used is that which encompasses the ranges from all sub-plots.
 yind    The equivalent for the y-axis

 equal   Plot x and y with equal scales.  Useful only for plots
         like AXIS=UU,VV.  Does not mean the plot will necessarily
         be square
 zero    Plot the x=0 and y=0 lines

 symbols Each file is plotted with a different plot symbol
         Each file is plotted with the same colour (white). By
         default and when there is only one polarization, each 
         file has a separate colour.
 source  Put the source name rather than the file name in the
         plot title
 inter   After the plot is drawn, you get a chance to redraw
         the plot with a different x- and y-range, and also
         on a different device.  In this way you can make a
         hard-copy without re-running the program. In this case, 
         points outside of the user specified x,y-range are
         ARE included in the plot buffer, so that if you redefine

 log     Write the values  that are 
         plotted into the log file.  
The Position Angle (degree) for rotating the u-v plane. If PA is not zero, the uv frame will rotates amount of PA around the w axis in the case of xaxis=uc or vc.
PGPLOT plot device/type. No default.
PGPLOT character sizes, in units of the default size (i.e., 1) First value is for the labels, the second is for the symbol size Defaults depend upon the number of sub-plots. The second value defaults to the first.
The output logfile name. The default is the terminal.
A one line comment which is written into the logfile.




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