JRms - BIMA Sensitivity Calculator

This applet calculates realistic rms noise for a single track of the BIMA array, given inputs about weather, frequency, and array configuration. Changing a textfield entry or radio button on the left hand side will update the calculated values on the right. Informational and error messages appear in the yellow box in the lower left. The RMS noise is determined using the equation in the BIMA Technical Description. The Total Time on-source is calculated using the S/N optimization algorithm outlined in BIMA Memo #47 and assumes a 30% overhead for calibration and slewing. (See also the Hour Angle calculation applet, GetHA). Sky opacity is determined using historical values of water vapor content as input and a standard atmospheric model.

The array configurations used in this applet are the C array and B array described in BIMA Memo #69, and the standard D array and A array.

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