BIMA General Information

The current Executive Board of Directors:
  • Leo Blitz, UCB
  • Dick Crutcher, UIUC
  • Andy Harris, UMD
  • Lee Mundy, UMD
  • Dick Plambeck, UCB
  • Lew Snyder, UIUC
  • Stuart Vogel, UMD
  • Jack Welch, UCB
  • Mel Wright, UCB
  • Member Institutions:

  • The University of California at Berkeley
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • The University of Maryland at College Park
  • The Staff at Hat Creek Observatory
  • Other:

  • BIMA telephone and E-mail listing
  • How to get to Hat Creek Radio Observatory
  • Map of BIMA site
  • Press releases
  • BIMA Usage Statistics 1997-1999
  • The HCRO Image Gallery
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