2008 DC Open Registration

Please be sure that if register here, your check should still be sent via regular snail-mail. If you add this consent form you will receive special turbo-checkin.
note: You can also use this form to amend a previous registration, or cancel it alltogether. Use the comment form for that.
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USAB membership options: (membership forms will also be available at the registration desk)
Choose between the two following two options: (please note for ranking tournaments such as the DC-Open A-level players MUST have a regular USAB membership, not the USAB club membership.
  1. Current:
    with USAB membership number: (e.g. 2001234, 4001234, 9001234)
  2. New or Renewal:

    Life: ($750 in 5 installments of $150)
    Regular: $30, 1yr $80, 3yr $125, 5yr
    Junior: $20, 1yr $50, 3yr $75 5yr
    Family: $65, 1yr $145, 3yr $230, 5yr
    Tournament: $25, 1yr

    Is this a renewal: Y N (if Yes, also fill in your old USAB number above)
    Are you a US citizen: Y N
    Birthday: (please use the DD/MM/YYYY format)
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Player entries:
You can enter in any of following categories (A/B, C/D, S (Senior 40+) or U (collegiate):
($25 first, $20 each additional event, plus USAB fees if you're not a member)
Select an event (up to 3) Select a partner Select a category
or use REQ to request one A/B *or* C/D, not both
or use TBA to decide later
1. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S
2. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S
3. NONE MS WS MD WD XD Partner: A/B C/D S
Note 1: You cannot play the same event in A and C.
Note 2: If too few entries in an event, we may ask you to move to another event.
Note 3: if you are unsure of the spelling of your partners name, check our previous players list.
Total amount you are going to pay:

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NOTE: If you print out and sign this consent form, you will receive special turbo-checkin cards at the registration desk!! No more lines!!. Send in the paperwork (including your check) to arrive before January 2, 2008 to:

Any checks should be made out to University of Maryland Badminton Club.

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