2011 National Capital Open

    SEQUENCE OF EVENTS (last updated 11am  Tue Jan 11)

		Gym Phone:    if you need directions, call Zack (443-838-6031) or Eliot (410-979-9674)  

		Desk Phone:   if you are running late (301-646-9118, Peter) 

!!!  We will apply a very strict 15 minute default rule unless you call us and have made arrangements !!!

    All times are dependent on the time required for matches to play out,
    so are subject to change.

    In matrix form, the starting times for the events are as follows:

        ms        ws        md        wd        xd                                   
A   Fri-1600  Fri-1730  Sat-1425  Sat-1610  Sat-0945                                 
C   Fri-1630  Fri-1800  Sat-1755  Sat-1940  Sat-0800                                 
S   Sat-0800  Sun-1015  Sun-0830  Sun-0940  Sat-1425                   

    In a simple sequence of first round events, this list is as follows:

Fri     3.00pm      Gym Opens, setting up nets and tables, warmup if you care
 Jan    3.30pm      Registration
  14    4.00pm      ms-A
        4.30pm      ms-C
        5.30pm      ws-A
	6.00pm      ws-C
       11.00pm      Day Closing (appr)

Sat     8.00am	    Gym Opens + Continuing registration
 Jan	8.01am      ms-S, xd-C
  15    9.45am      xd-A
        2.25pm      xd-S
	2.25pm      md-A
	4.10pm	    wd-A
	5.55pm	    md-C
	7.40pm	    wd-C
       11.00pm      Day Closing (appr)

Sun     8.00am      Gym Opens
 Jan    8.30am      any remaining quarter and semi finals (TBA)
  16    8.30am      md-S (!! note new time !!)
        9.40am      wd-S and other remaining quarter and semi finals
       10.15am      ws-S
       12.35am      A finals (appr)
        4.00pm      Tournament closing