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There are several tools you can use to get information about what the array is doing right now.

Name Description
JStatus An interactive Java program that gives real-time updates of virtually every facet of the array. You can monitor observing, receivers, cryogenics, line lengths, weather, phase locks, correlator, mixers/IF, and other array parameters. 

For info on running JStatus, see
CGLog A CGI script that produces a listing of the last 100 lines of the observing log file. Again, it is not a real-time program; you have to hit reload to get a new update.
Old projects A CGI script that produces a clickable listing of projects completed in previous array configurations dating back to 1993. You can view old summaries, schedules and results here.
Antenna positions A CGI script that produces the fitted antenna positions from current and prior configurations. Units are in nanoseconds and the coordinate system is equatorial. (This means use baseunit=1 in uvgen.)
Atmospheric Phase Monitor The BIMA Atmospheric Phase Monitor continuously measures the difference in electrical path length between two parallel columns through the atmosphere, using two identical, small antennas. From these data are calculated coherence length scales at 100 and 230 GHz. The coherence is the major factor determining whether the atmosphere is stable enough for the array to observe at 230 GHz.

In addition, you can have a look see at:

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